What's A Decision Support System?

Here are a few examples of how MDSS' decision support systems helped our customers become more successful.

A consumer electronics company contracted with MDSS to develop a monthly, historical Sales and Marketing database.  Data was extracted from the company's financial system and customized tools were developed to track and analyze sales patterns and sales force productivity.  This resulted in increased sales of more than $500,000.

A durable goods manufacturer uses monthly MDSS industry forecasts to set factory production line rates.  These forecasts ensure that adequate product supply is available to meet demand, while minimizing inventory.

A National market research firm purchased the Research Tracker® system to manage its focus group recruiting.  The software investment paid immediate benefits by performing queries of the 100,000+ names in their database in seconds, compared to the hours previously devoted to search boxes of paper records.

A Protestant denomination contracted with MDSS to develop a consolidated database including information about its 4,000+ congregations, 10,000+ clergy, staff, donors, missionaries, students, and conference attendees.  The consolidated database replaced more than 70 separate mailing lists that had been maintained on a variety of word processing files.

A household good manufacturer purchased the Consumer Connection® system to analyze data from more than 350,000 product registration forms.  The firm is now able to distribute valuable marketing information to its key partners (dealers and stores) regarding sales generated by their chain, or by their individual outlet.

A not for profit organization serving at-risk youth hired MDSS to analyze its financial and service data to help identify strengths and weaknesses among with various programs.  The results and recommendations were used to successfully apply for additional funding for its most cost-effective program, while redirecting resources from less efficient programs.


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